Why dsalgorithm.com

Why dsalgorithm.com

2019, Oct 20    

Interview pattern for top software companies

Data Structures and Algorithms are important interview topics for top software companies like, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Goldman sachs, Morgan Stanley etc. Either you are a beginner or experienced IT professional ds algo is necessary for interviews, after that depending upon experience and what you have written in resume you are asked questions on technologies, operating systems, memory management …

Course details:

  • During each session we first provide introduction to topic and how to code algorithm of that topic and then students practice real interview questions.
  • We schedule one to one sessions if someone need special attention in any topic.
  • No video/recorded sessions, all sessions online usig skype.
  • We provide complete list of all topics important for interviews.
  • Conduct mock interviews for students.

Who we are ?

We are experienced IT professionals and senior interviewers working in top IT companies, we conduct weekend classes to help cracking ds algorithm interviews.

Why do I need classes for data structures and algorithms?

Every coding question can be solved using multiple ways, We provide personal coach to help you understand what is right way and how should you approach that question. And most importantly help you understand why you were not approaching it right way, what exactly when wrong in your thought process. These classes work as shortcut to succeed in coding interviews.

Who should one join this course ?

This course is for college students and working professional who wants to crack any ds algorithm coding interview.